Ecdysone: Overview, Benefits, Uses & Research (2023)

Ecdysone sounds a lot like beta-ecdysterone and it's other sister ecdysteroids, but it's been much less studied than the others out there.

Here's exactly what you need to know about Ecdysone.

What is Ecdysone?

It’s derived from insects as a molting hormone and is thought to have some uses around muscle growth similar to other compounds in a similar family called “ecdysteroids.”

There are very few full studies done on ecdysone - which may be the least famous of all the ecdysteroids.

The Chemical Makeup of Ecdysone

Here's what ecdysone looks like from a chemical compound standpoint.


the chemical makeup of ecdysone

Ecdysone’s Role In Insects

In insects - ecdysone along with other steroidal pro hormones are secreted to help induce the molting phase in insects.

Ecdysone’s Role In Plants

Ecdysone and other ecdysteroids are present in other plants - but they have a different role. They are primarily used as a protection agent against herbivorous insects.

Like many other similar compounds found in plants, these are used in adaptogen uses.

Sister Compounds to Ecdysone (other Ecdysteroids)d

Other ecdysteroids include ecdysterone, turkesterone, 20-hydroxyecdysone. However, ecdysterone and turkesterone seem to promote the most muscle growth out of the ecdysteroid family.

Possible Uses for Ecdysone

Although ecdysone - like other ecdysteroids - still needs more studies - there are several purported usages for this:

Use as an adaptogen

Ecdysone and other steroids are often used in herbal apdatogenic blends similar to cordyceps.

Use as an antioxidant

Ecdysone and other ecdysteroids are commonly used as antioxidants.

Use for sleep

Ecdysone has been shown to have a role in regulating the sleep/wake cycle.

Is Ecdysone a Steroid?

Despite being a part of a group of compounds called “ecdysteroids” - this is not a steroid, is not banned by any governing body and is generally considered safe.

Where Can You Buy Ecdysone?

Ecdysone is typically not sold on it’s own. If you'd like to get the next closest thing - you can buy Turkesterone here.

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