Beta-Ecdysterone: Definition, Benefits, Research (2023)

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What Is Beta Ecdysterone?

 Beta-Ecdysterone is a type of ecdysteroid - a compound responsible for the molting process in insects.

It's a sister compound to other ecdysteroids that we have researched (more details below).

Benefits of Beta-Ecdysterone

 Beta-ecdysterone displays many similar signs to other ecdysteroid supplements including improved muscle growth, increased strength and recovery.

Again, while these effects are not shown to the level of actual steroids - the main benefit here is the increase in improvement here without any androgenic side effects that you usually experience on actual steroids.

This has led some research to conclude that this should be banned and added to a list of anabolic agents by WADA. However, to-date, these are still legal supplements.

Beta-Ecdysterone Dosage

Beta-ecdysterone is typically dosed in 500mg increments.

Is Beta-Ecdysterone Banned?

Beta-Ecdysterone is not currently banned by any world governing body or government. However, because the class of compounds it belongs to is called "ecdysteroids" - sometimes people take this to mean it's a "steroid" and should be banned. This is a common misconception.

Beta Ecdysterone Controversey

While beta-ecdysterone itself has not endured too much scrutiny yet - it was involved in a kerfluffle (great word) where many turkesterone manufacturers were found to be using beta-ecdysterone instead of turkesterone in their products.

While these are similar compounds with similar effects, turkesterone is widely seen as more effective so the labeling claims on these hurt the trustworthiness of the brands and amped up the negative sentiment surrounding it.

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